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Is your dryer tripping its breaker all the time?

It's common for the heating element to cause the breaker to trip. Normally, a short at the heater assembly will result in a tripped breaker. Sometimes the heating element will partially or totally stop working; if your dryer also seems to take too long to finish a load, definitely check the this part first. A multimeter must be used to check if there is continuity at the assembly, which will determine whether the element shorted out.

Next, if the heating element isn't the cause, it's possible that the drive motor shorted which would also cause the breaker to trip. If so, the motor will need to be replaced. Just test for continuity to determine whether the drive motor is to blame.

Another possible reason, although it's not as common, would be a short at the terminal block: If it's not firmly in place it can become damaged and the wires can short out against the dryer itself. If so, the terminal block will need to be replaced.

If your dryer doesn't seem to be at fault, make sure the breaker itself is not the real culprit. It's normal for breakers to wear out. As they age, it's also common for them to trip without any real reason. If this is the case, you will need the breaker replaced by a licensed electrician.

A tripped breaker happens for a reason, always. Take the time to figure out why your breaker trips when you run your dryer. This issue will only prove to be more problematic with time if it's left ignored. Further, the cost of a dryer repair can become greater if you leave the dryer to tear itself apart.

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Trying to reduce the amount of energy that your dryer uses throughout the month? The cost of electricity is soaring high and we know this is an important concern for homeowners. The best thing you can do is make sure your dryer is 100% operational, with no defective or worn out parts causing the machine to perform at a sub-par level. If your dryer takes longer than normal to dry, have it inspected by a professional as it might be necessary to replace certain internal parts to get it working like new.


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