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Having a problem with your upright freezer?

Make sure the plug didn't slip out of the outlet. Also, check if the breaker tripped or if the fuse blew. In case of sudden electrical issues in your home, use a multimeter to make sure sufficient voltage is supplied. If you are using an extension cord, try running the freezer without it instead. Barring any power issues, if it is not running properly you will need to use a multimeter to test various parts. Some parts to test include the compressor motor and relay, defrost timer, evaporator fan, temperature control and more.

Are you having trouble with the temperature inside of your upright freezer? You might be able to do the freezer repair by doing a thermostat reset. It's possible that this recalibration will get the freezer to operate at the temperature set by the temperature control. Next, if that doesn't help, check to see if he condenser coils are getting clogged with dirt. You should be cleaning these coils at least once per year anyway. You can use a vacuum cleaner to make sure you get everything out but make sure to kill power to the freezer first.

Your upright freezer door seal might be weak or damaged. Inspect the seal by feeling with your finger where the seal comes together. Trace your finger along the seal, all around the door. Any coldness reaching your finger will be a red flag. You can also place a piece of paper or bill on the seal, close the door and try pulling the paper. If it comes out easily the seal is too weak and cold air is escaping from the freezer. If cold air comes out, humid air gets in which can lead to frost accumulating over internal parts.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Sometimes the indicator light on a chest freezer will give out. This problem is usually easy to fix. Most likely, the light itself burnt out like any light in your house would after it runs out of life. You can swap in a new one but make sure there are no unattached connections or damaged wires first. However, if the new light still doesn't work the user control & display board is probably not functional anymore. This scenario is less likely and the vast majority of the time a non-working indicator light is fixed by putting in a new bulb.


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