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An all-too-common issue plaguing kitchen appliance owners is a stove that simply won't produce heat.

This issue could be due to many different reasons. However, it's best to first troubleshoot the burner coil and receptacle to see if the issue can be spotted at surface level.

First off, visually inspect for any noticeable damage to the coils. Next, exchange it with another coil on your stovetop that does work. If the coil does not work in this receptacle, that means it is either the terminal block (receptacle) or the thermostat switch (burner specific) which is to blame. You should check the terminal before the switch as you won't have to take anything apart to access it. Both the coil and receptacle can usually be accurately troubleshot by eye.

If the burner still does not work with a different coil, look at the socket to see if there is damage to the wires or metal. The wires might be charred. Or, another possibility is that the metal could be burnt. Any of these issues will be a sign that the terminal block is damaged. If this is the case, it must be replaced and after doing so your stovetop burner will work properly once more.

If you still haven't figured out the problem, the next part to check is the switch. A multimeter is required to perform this test. If you do not have one, you can pick one up at a local hardware store for under $50 but you might be better off just getting a stove repair technician to come diagnose at this point. However, replacing the switch is not as difficult as it sounds as long as you have the tools and practice electrical safety.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Here are some quick cleaning tips to apply to your gas range or stovetop. First, wipe the surface clean every time you use it (after it cools down). Next, disconnect the burners and leave them to soak in your kitchen sink with a mixture of hot water and dish soap. Scrub them down and make sure to get all the dirt off; ideally, keep some grate cleaner on hand for the trickier messes. You can use baking soda and water to create a minorly abrasive cleaning solution as well.


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