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Refrigerator owners should take responsible care of their appliance.

The average life expectancy of roughly 14 to 17 years only applies if you follow maintenance expectations as per the manufacturer's manual. Therefore, if you fail to properly maintain your appliance, it might not be a surprise if you need a refrigerator repair in your first five years of ownership.

The lack of maintenance can be very expensive to you. For instance, let's say you buy a fridge for $700 and need a repair in six years. That expense might tack on another $250 but your appliance will already be closer to death. Given how you needed a repair so early in, chances are other parts are directly or indirectly aging faster too.

A subsequent repair three years later puts you in pretty heavy on the investment after just nine years, only around 60% of the expected life expectancy...

Two fixes at $250 a pop (hypothetically) makes that $700 fridge cost $1,200 well before its expected death date. At this point, replacing will make sense. Let's say in another six years you need your first repair too: Now you're in $750 in repairs when you could've paid nothing - minus little costs like replacement water filters - and have a brand new (not six-year-old) fridge at this point.

The worst part is this situation is a hypothetical, it's not reality. We (appliance repair companies) regularly get calls to fix refrigerators that are just a few years old. Sometimes problems are the result of simple issues like ice buildup or a clog in a water line, usually from mineral deposits. These things can be caught or evaded with proper maintenance.

Simply put, take proper care of your fridge to save yourself money!

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

A refrigerator leak can be the result of many different issues. Some causes are based on technological faults, while others are due to physical damage or wear and tear. Interestingly, rare cases exist where leaks occur because of the fridge not being level on the floor - or because the floor itself isn't level. Refrigerators come with adjustment screws which allow you to control the height elevation for each corner of your fridge. Aside from that, the drain tube or water supply line could need to be unclogged and frost buildup might need to be manually defrosted via hairdryer.


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